5k & 10k Courses

Elevation Profile


(Elevation profile below is for the 5k course... 10k course is a 2 loop repeat of this same course.) 


Course Description, Maps and Flyover



The 5k and 10k of the Narragansett Summer Running Festival offer a fantastic tour of the beautiful Stonehill College campus. The course utilizes the paved roads, dirt roads, walkways and bridges to make for a weaving course through Stonehill's grounds. With just one noticeable climb for the 5k, located just before the finish, the course is otherwise flat. Most of this course is paved road or walkway aside from two short dirt-road sections. 


The 10k is a double loop of the 5k course. Therefore, there are two short climbs in the 10k, one at the halfway point and one just before the finish. 

Safety Concerns


For your own safety we ask that you do NOT wear headphones in the race! We have live music at the finish, so save the jammin’ until the end! 


Strollers are allowed in the 5k and 10k races. 

Course Cut-Off

Not planning on setting any speed records? Take your time! Our 5k and 10k courses are open until 11:00 AM. You just worry about finishing, and we'll keep the beer cold!



The average high temperature on race day is 82 degrees F. 


The average low temperature on race day is 66 degrees F. 


That being said, this is a SUMMER running festival and obviously heat can play a major role. Plan your race accordingly, and take careful note of our aid station layout. We do highly suggest carrying some sort of hydration with you to make for a more safe and successful day!


Cooling Stations

We will have sprinklers running on the course to keep you cool as you run your race! You will pass two "Cooling Stations" on the 10k course and one on the 5k course. 

First Aid


If you need medical attention on a race course, the aid stations will be able to communicate with our mobile medical command unit as well as both ambulances that we’ll have on site. There will be a medical tent at the finish for anyone who needs to be attended to, and medical staff monitoring the finish line area. 

Aid Stations


The 5k features the "Chapel Aid Station" at the half-way point of the course, where we will

offer both Gatorade and water. 

The 10k features the "Chapel Aid Station" (with water and Gatorade) and the

"Donahue Hill Aid Station", (featuring water only) giving runners access to aid

roughly 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of the way through the course.