Sunday's Race

A fast course mostly on the campus of Stonehill College, utilizing the paved roads, dirt roads, wooden bridges and walkways to make for a weaving course through the campus grounds. There is just quick hill towards the finish of the 5k.  

A double loop of the 5k course, the 10k is a flat and fast course despite two quick climbs, one at the halfway point and one just before the finish.  

Saturday's Races

Half Marathon Course Video  


A beautiful scenic run through Easton and Stoughton Massachusetts. Leaving from Stonehill College and crossing over Washington Street, you'll head into the "Sheep Pasture" of Easton, and then through a few challenging climbs and rolling neighborhoods of the Ames Lond Pond area. A lollipop-style course, 95% of this course is paved road, with 3 quick dirt-road sections that are located toward the start of the race and just before you come into the final mile. Your finish will be highlighted by a quick but challenging final hill that leads you into the finish. 


The video to the left outlines the half marathon course in its entirety as of the 2013 event. The course has changed over the past two years, but the primary roads used are the same.