2020 Race to Feature Only 10k & Half Marathon (No more 5k)



A Note from our RD: (Full press-release of announcement available below.) 

As you may or may not have heard, we're excited to be going back to a one-day event at the Narragansett Summer Running Festival, returning to our roots as a place where short-course and long-course runners can celebrate in the same post-race festivities. We're also eliminating the 5k of the Narragansett Summer Running Festival. We struggled with this decision, but we think our event will be better in the long-run for it. (Long-run..... see what we did there!?)

Seriously though, the 5k has been an important part of this race. It has allowed runners who don't feel ready for bigger distances, or simply don't want to run that far in July, to be a part of our event. That being said, there are TONS of awesome local 5k races in our greater running community. We feel that the next step is to embrace what this race truly is. It is a community gathering of runners that enjoy the challenge of taking on a New England July. We feel as if the 10k and Half Marathon distances are the more challenging races to serve those runners. We realize some of you will be disappointed that there is no-longer a 5k at the Narragansett Summer Running Festival. To you, we say we're sorry. We understand completely. However, we hope our decision motivates you to take on the challenge of a 10k or Half Marathon with us this July, because after all, an ice-cold 'Gansett tastes better after a long run. And if you aren't up for the longer distance, we wish you luck as your toe the line to support one of the many other amazing community 5ks that exist in our area.


See you in 2020! - Sincerely, The Team of Beer Drinkin' Runners who Host 'Gansett

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Narragansett Summer Running Festival Goes Back to One-Day Affair, Eliminating 5k Event

Released December 17th, 2019 in Reference to the 2020 Narragansett Summer Running Festival in Easton MA

EASTON, MA; December 17, 2019 – The immense success of the Narragansett Summer Running Festival has brought thousands and thousands of runners to the gates of Stonehill College each summer. The running community has become accustomed to this July tradition as they gather, run and celebrate with post-race revelry headlined by RI-based Narragansett Beer. The event at Stonehill College has historically consisted of 5k, 10k and Half Marathon races. Its success has helped spawn two other races in the region, the Narragansett Summer Nights 5k (Bristol, Rhode Island) and the New England Harvest Half Marathon (Swansea, Massachusetts). All of these events have now been named State Championships in their perspective states, and received multiple honors and distinctions within the running community along the way.


Back in 2015 the organizers of the Narragansett Summer Running Festival decided to change the event from a one-day structure to a two-day affair in an effort to help accommodate more participants. The event has still managed to sell-out each year. As the 8th annual race draws near, race organizers are making the decision to return to a one-day event while eliminating the 5k race.


Race Director Jason Paganelli gave insight into his team’s rationale for the change, saying “Our mission on this race was simple. We wanted to bring runners together, novice and elite alike, to celebrate our sport. This event is one of the most fun mornings in the New England running calendar, and we feel as if one of its greatest strengths is to bring friends/family together in one race-setting, where one person can run the shorter event while another person runs the longer event. They can all celebrate at the same finish line and take in all that our party has to offer. We listened to and polled our runners over the years. People missed the early-days when runners could run with their friends and family, compete in different races, and enjoy the day together. We decided to return the event to its roots. It was an easy decision.”

When asked about why they’ve eliminated the 5k, Paganelli explained “We created this event for the running community that wanted to take on the challenge of July racing in New England. We are runners too, and we love the challenge of summer miles, and how the hard-earned beer tastes afterwards. The 5k was our effort to include every runner possible in this challenge, even those who might not want or be prepared for bigger distances in July. However, there are just so many community 5k races out there. Runners looking for a summer 5k have so many options.  And with the huge success of our Summer Nights 5k in June, 5k runners still have a home within our series. So there’s no better time to make this change. We realize some will be disappointed. We hope they’ll consider joining us for the 10k or half marathon, or supporting one of the many awesome 5ks out there in this community. We just want everyone to keep running!”

Paganelli went on to say that he hoped more novice runners would continue to feel welcome at the festival. Getting newer runners to join the running community and challenge themselves has always been a core mission of his team. He went on to reference the fact that nearly 40% of the runners that toe the starting line at the Narragansett Beer Races are racing their respective distances for the first time, meaning that thousands have been brought into the sport through this series over the years. “I’m truly proud of that.” Paganelli says. “Growing our sport and sharing it with the greater community has been truly gratifying.”