Training Plans


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The Narragansett Summer Running Festival is more than just a weekend of racing, but a gathering of the running community. We want to welcome novice and elite runners alike to come together and celebrate our sport! 

In an effort to help welcome new/novice runners into our 10k and Half Marathon, we've enlisted the help of the pros over at The Run Formula. They have created two distinct training plans for runners looking to take on a race at the Narragansett Summer Running Festival for the first time! 

If you're considering a race with us, please understand that every runner on that startling line has been new to the sport at one time or another. Make the leap, sign-up, and join us as we Conquer the Summer! After all, every runner must toe the starting line in order to get to the finish line. See you in July! 


Looking for more of an advanced and/or custom training program? Reach out directly to the folks at The Run Formula for the best coaching programs in the sport!